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Angela Chou

My session with Olivier gave me a lot of clarity and insights into my own values. With an impressive background in personal development and psychology, Olivier is able to see patterns, connect the dots, and clearly articulate my values back to me. Olivier also gives very tactical, actionable advice on how to realise my full potential. After our session, I’m able to identify a new direction in life and a couple of action points to pursue.

Angela Chou, UK

Michael Hoad

Olivier is an exceptional person. I was facing some difficult challenges in my life and after just one session together I had more clarity, a newfound enthusiasm and a deeper understanding of myself. His way of simplifying complex topics to make them clear and easy to understand is quite extraordinary. Olivier’s ability to help you get clear on what drives you and then linking that all together is outstanding. If you feel like your life is stuck and you want to get crystal clarity on a plan to move forward, I highly recommend working with Olivier.

Michael Hoad, UK

Joyce Lim

Among the many coaches I met over a year, Olivier just sees right through my core and helps develop an authentic strategy which fits me perfectly. Whereas Marcia intellectually and lovingly brings out the best in you. They are like a yin and yang. There are not enough words to describe how brilliant and caring, both Marcia and Olivier are. In just 2 hours, they managed to nail down and deliver a breakthrough. A breakthrough I have been seeking for almost a year. They helped me clarify my whys, my blind spots, tells me what I need to hear and it extends beyond the 2-hour session. It extends to a lifetime habit developed. Definitely a life changer!

Joyce Lim, Australia

Macushla Collins

The decision to engage Olivier was borne out of a desire to clarify my vision for myself professionally and personally. While I had many ideas and had taken some action, I felt overwhelmed. Olivier took me through a process by which I achieved a clear vision for my life. He integrates both theory and practice to inspire his clients to pursue what is most meaningful to them with confidence.

Macushla Collins, Australia

Jessica Anwyl

Olivier makes sense of your world. Before working with him I felt frustrated and resentful of my life – I felt I lacked control. But during our session, I had multiple insights, and now, with absolute certainty, I know what drives me and why. It all makes sense now! I’m clear on what’s important to me, and feel empowered to move forward with my life in a way that is meaningful to me. I loved the session! Olivier is a genius. If you want more clarity, he is the man to see.

Jessica Anwyl, Australia

Anthony Masino

I wanted to do some work on building my self-worth because I was struggling with my ability to be open to and engage in relationships. While I had already experience working on my values, doing the Clarity Factor with Olivier gave me a whole new world of depth and understanding of myself. It changed the way I approach business, work, my family, friends and relationships so I can stay true to myself. It was invaluable in terms of how much value and depth it brought into my life. It allowed me to connect and align all the pieces. It was absolutely huge for me.

Anthony Masino, Australia

Joanne Outram

My single biggest frustration was not knowing how to transition to a fully self-employed basis without any contract work supporting my income. My problem became unravelled slowly with a solution presenting itself over the course of the 4 sessions. Marcia and Olivier make a great team and it was great to have support from both of them each week, each providing a slightly different perspective. I would highly recommend Marcia and Olivier to anyone who wants to gain focus and clarity (and create action!). Their unique blend of skills is a winning formula.

Jo Outram, UK

Benjamin Deacon

Having worked in the hospitality management industry for 15 years I really started to feel disconnected with my work. I felt like I had lost my purpose and direction of where I wanted to be. I have a great experience working with Olivier. I got more clarity and direction. The Highlight was clarity and that has already shown strongly in my life. From my experience, someone who is looking for a shift in their career. I have had 15 years in my current profession but now looking for that change. And with Olivier’s coaching, I feel that has been succeeded. Working with Olivier would benefit someone who needs some clarity in their direction and where they want to be in life.

Ben Deacon, Australia

David Hoh

I was having a lot of difficulty working out what exactly what to do with my life. I have attended numerous personal development seminars on discovering my purpose but I still wasn’t sure on what my direction was in life. When I first worked with Olivier, I didn’t know what to expect, but I discovered that Olivier has an uncanny ability to get to the source of the problem and was very patient in helping to me to find out what my purpose was. He makes things very simple to understand. Now I feel inspired that I have a clear purpose in my life!

Dr David Hoh, Australia

Lisa Wallace

Olivier, wow, what can I say! I have been blown away by his sharp mind and knowledge and how he has truly supported me to become increasingly laser clear about my life’s mission and work. Because of my work with Olivier, my life purpose is finally becoming reality and I am deeply thankful for his guidance, support, and breadth of knowledge. Because of his scientific mind, he cuts to the chase and his sessions are crisp and clear, you come away with a powerful focus and the steps to get there. I would highly recommend Olivier to anyone seeking inspiration, clarity and focus on their life mission and life purpose.

Lisa Wallace, Australia

Katina Cuba

I am on the verge to launch another business project and although I had an idea of what my values are, I was still building my business by the “shoulds” and hiding myself behind my “can’ts”. So I decided to work with Olivier and Marcia to understand my values and gain some clarity on my purpose. Well, what can I say… That was powerful! Olivier and Marcia helped me to tap into my essence; they helped me to acknowledge who I really am – my identity. I experienced “THAT” moment when you give yourself permission to love who you really are; I had tears of inspiration and my heart was filled with love and gratitude. I now have clarity and certainty on my business journey and strategies I want to put in place, to create something meaningful – a reflection of me. I can’t wait to continue working with them and start unfolding my vision and living my vocation.

Katina Cuba, Australia

Emily Gowor

Every NEI session I’ve had with Marcia has been profound and life-altering. During one of our recent sessions, we healed a guilt I’d been carrying my entire life – 32 years. The emotional shift in the session was powerful, but what happened in the 8 weeks that followed was even more powerful. A stream of clients suddenly showed up. I effortlessly generated more than $48,000 in business, and nearly half of those clients paid for their packages in FULL – which has never happened in the 12 years I’ve been in business. There is no doubt in my mind the session Marcia and I did enable me to open up and receive what I want – including achieving my financial goals. THANK YOU, Marcia.

Emily Gowor, Australia

Sanjay Lalwani

I just had a values determination session with Olivier and I had more clarity in that one session that I probably had in the last few years. That was a pretty amazing experience.

Sanjay Lalwani, South Africa

Lena Merzliakov

I've worked with both Marcia and Olivier for over a year now and there is a reason why I keep going back – what they do works. Take a chance – you won’t regret working with these two.

Lena Merzliakov, Australia

Oanh Do

Having worked with many coaches over the past five years, Olivier definitely stands out as being one of the best. His knowledge of human behaviour is so extensive and he always goes over and beyond by providing me with additional supporting information after our sessions. This is a coach who genuinely cares about helping you to unlock your true potential and I would highly recommend him to any person that wants to play a bigger game in life. Marcia is a true expert in helping people tap into their own magnificence. I walked away from many of our sessions with profound shifts in my perception of disempowering ‘baggage’ that I had been carrying around most of my life. If you want to take your life to another level, Marcia is the person to take you there. I really mean it when I said you both are the best that I have worked with amongst all the coaches that I have experienced so far.

Oanh Do, Australia

Emily Gowor

I just completed a 2-hour session on values and my underlying drivers with the profound and wise Olivier… and it rocked my WORLD. I came away with a significantly deeper understanding of what drives the ‘human’ me as well as clarity on why certain areas of my life that are currently ‘stuck’ are the way they are. Olivier provided me with an exact list of self-work to complete in order to make what will no doubt be a life-altering change and extremely powerful for my future. The session was by far one of the best investments I’ve made into my self. I recommend it STRONGLY if you are in any way unclear on what is really driving you underneath or what you value in life..

Emily Gowor, Australia

Before the Clear Path Forward Coaching with Olivier & Marcia, I felt I was standing at a crossroad to choose what's the next path in my career. It's very scary to not even know what's my selection criteria, let alone making that decision or evaluating opportunities. I only had a blurry understanding of my desires and what makes me happy. Understanding my values and core drivers, that was really life-changing, to be honest! Now, I can give myself validation and recognition without relying on the external world. Understanding my natural flow gave me a better understanding of what I actually do well and gave me some direction in terms of the concrete role I can be looking for going forward.

Karen, Taiwan

I knew I wanted to work with children in some way but didn’t quite know how to work out what it was exactly I wanted to do and how to get there. I think my major struggle was having the confidence in myself and in my experience. With Clear Path Forward, I’ve definitely grown and learned a lot more about myself and my skills which has helped me build my confidence. I also have gained more clarity on where I'm heading and how to get there. Everything's coming together. It was a fabulous experience and investment in me and I still continue to listen to the sessions and remind myself of where I was and how far I have come. It reignited me and gave me the confidence to own my self-worth and having a clearer picture of who I am and where I'm going. I’m excited again about the future. You can read many self-help books, but having the knowledge-base you both have and that objectivity has definitely helped. You guide, support, and help create a vision and clarity. You helped me make that map where I’m going to become a reality.

Joanne Singleton, Australia

In Clear Path Forward, we partner with you to create more clarity, build your confidence and map out your own unique path forward to experience greater success, meaning and fulfilment in your life and career