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Dr Olivier Becherel - Coach, Life & Business Strategist

Ready to break through to your next level of life and career? 

Our signature program will give you a clear path forward to do that!


In 10 weeks, we will support you to unlock your core identity, build your confidence and create your unique step-by-step roadmap to create the life and career you love

Ambitious Emerging Leader
  • You’re ambitious, driven but feeling a little stuck in your career and life and you're questioning yourself

  • You know there is so much more out there and you want to take the next step but you’re not quite sure what that it looks like

  • You know there is greater potential within you that is not currently been tapped into

  • When you think about your future, you feel foggy and confused

  • You don't want to waste time because there is so much more out there to explore

  • You know you cannot just sit there and wait, hoping things will get better...

    You've asked your friends for advice, read a few books and tried to figure all this out on your own but so far it has not been very successful and you're still not sure about your next step to move forward!

    Well, it's time to get some help and support, isn't?

    And that's why we created Clear Path Forward for people like you!

    What You Can Expect From This Coaching Program

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and greater self-awareness to navigate life

  • Clarity of your core values and your core drivers that rule your every day behaviour

  • Unshakable confidence in your unique strengths and greater self-worth

  • Know how to clearly identify the 'right opportunities' for you and avoid distractions and wasted time

  • Learn simple techniques to master your emotions, develop resilience, and reduce stress

  • Clear the biggest mental and emotional roadblocks that are currently holding you back

  • Learn mindset and behaviour tools that you can use for the rest of your life

  • Discover your authentic strategies and your unique path of maximum flow by following your design 

  • Develop a personalised action plan to elevate your life, career and success

  • What Clients Say About Clear Path Forward

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    Clear Path Forward is for you if:

  • You’re ready to find your true purpose and unlock your potential

  • You want to work smarter, be more effective and get better results

  • You’ve made space in your life to learn proven strategies for success

  • You’re not scared of deeply knowing and understanding yourself

  • You want to create something original that will have a lasting impact

  • You’re open-minded and ready for the next level

  • Clear Path Forward isn't for you if:

  • You’re unwilling to change and question deep-seated assumptions to break through to the next level

  • You’re comfortable in the status quo

  • You think you know it all and you’ve already got all the tools you need

  • You don't value yourself and you’re not prepared to invest in yourself

  • You're looking for counselling to share your drama

  • You just want to find someone to vent your spleen

  • How It Works

    Over 10 weeks together, we will work through a proven 5-step process that combines 20+ years of experience across the mind-body connection, neuroscience, human behaviour and business to guide you to the outcomes that you want!

    Clear Path Forward Coaching Framework

    5 steps in 10 weeks to a Clear Path Forward!



    Get more clarity about your core identity, what drives your everyday decisions, actions and behaviours, so you get to know yourself and understand yourself on a much deeper level.


    A level you’ve never imagined before.



    Uncover and own your strengths and talents so you can gain confidence about what makes you special and the unique value you have to contribute to make a difference to humanity.


    There is huge difference between simply knowing your talents versus owning them!

    Overcome Roadblocks


    Learn how to clear the mental and emotional roadblocks that may be currently preventing you from moving forward, or limiting the expression of your unique potential.

    You will also learn simple tools you can use for the rest of your life!

    Clear Direction


    Look at the big picture of your life, knowing 'why' you're here, creating your future vision and identifying your purpose and mission in life.

    It's about designing your destiny! 

    Success Habits


    Look at your natural flow, your unique design and putting it all together in order to identify the most authentic strategy for you to move forward.

    You know exactly how to build an action plan that is aligned with you!

    Delivery of The Coaching Program

    Clear Path Forward Online Portal

    Your Online Learning Portal

    Clear Path Forward Coaching Calls

    Your 1:1 Live Coaching Call

  • Your Very Own Online Learning Portal with videos, worksheets and resources

  • 10 x Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions via Zoom (in-person sessions available if in Brisbane, Australia)

  • Mentoring by two coaches with complementary expertise and skill sets and 20+ years of experience

  • Coaching Session Replays + After Session Summary emailed to you directly

  • Preliminary Strategic Questionnaire

  • Unlimited Support & Communication with Olivier & Marcia via email/messenger throughout the program

  • Personality Profiling Debrief (Human Design) 

  • Bonus Inclusions With Your Program

  • Lifetime Access To Mastery To Success Vault (Education material, templates, worksheets and teaching resources to support you during and after Clear Path Forward)

  • Exclusive Invitation To Join The Mastery Circle for 12 months, a private group where you can attend and participate in monthly workshops, masterclasses and group sessions to continue your personal and professional development journey after Clear Path Forward


    $5,497 AUD Paid In full

    (Payment Plans available upon request)

    Meet Your Coaches

    Dr Olivier Becherel

    Olivier is the ‘go-to person’ when it comes to clarity, connecting the dots and developing authentic strategies. Olivier’s strengths are in helping you simplify, align and integrate life and business priorities so you are able to work smarter and get better results faster.

    My scientific training in neuroscience and medial research taught me how changes in our external environment influence our internal one through cause and effect relationships and different perspectives. I ​developed an uncanny ability to see things most people don’t and 'connect the dots'.

    Dr Marcia Becherel

    Marcia is the ‘go to person’ when it comes to mastering emotions and developing resilience. Marcia’s gift is to assist you identify and break through the mental and emotional roadblocks that are holding you back from embracing your full potential.

    Over the past 10 years, my work has focused on developing my own mind-body integration methodology, NEI MethodTM (Neuro Emotional Integration) to empower my clients to transform stress into success, emotional turmoil into balance, and self-sabotage intro a creative driving force.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does coaching work?

    Our coaching is done online via Zoom for optimal privacy and convenience.

    Will this coaching program be worth my time?

    We sincerely think you will get massive value. You’ll will get valuable knowledge and insights into human behaviour and in the most important person in the world, YOU. You will discover what you need to live with purpose and achieve greater levels of success and fulfilment daily.

    We’ve put more than 30 years of studies, research, and experience into designing this program and we’re confident that it will deliver great value to you.

    What research is the content based on?

    This coaching program is based on Olivier and Marcia’s lifelong studies and research into human behaviour, neuroscience and the mind-body connection, and over 15 years of real-life coaching experience with clients worldwide. In short, it’s based on proven principles and strategies that get results.  

    What if I'm not clear on my career or business yet?

    That’s perfectly okay! Clear Path Forward will provide you with the opportunity to get clearer on personal and professional journey, your vision, your dream career or business and the original contribution you’d like to make to the world.

    How will Clear Path Forward help me with my career or business?

    Your professional success is a direct reflection of you, and your mindset is the driving force. What frustrates us the most is seeing talented men and women failing not because they don’t have the knowledge, skills and talents, but rather because they have subconscious internal conflicts, misalignment and mental or emotional roadblocks stopping them from moving forward and reaching their true potential.

    How will Clear Path Forward help me with my finances?

    Your financial success is a direct reflection of your mindset, your self-worth and the limiting beliefs and negative emotions about money that haunt the deepest part of your mind. Clear Path Forward will help you explore and address these types of issues.

    How long does the session run for?

    Consultation with us will typically be for 90 minutes, however, it may range from 60 mins to 120 mins. From time to time, depending on the issue presented and your needs, the consultation may extend beyond 120 mins and in this case it will be counted as 2 sessions. You will be advised beforehand if we think that an extended session is required.

    What if I need to reschedule my session?

    Reschedules and cancellations may be made via email or phone at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time or you will be charged for the total time scheduled.

    Do you have payment plans?

    Yes we do! We’d be happy to discuss these with you in our initial conversation.

    I think I'm ready! What's next?

    All you need to do is book a complimentary call with us to take the first step. We’ll have a conversation and go over where you’re at, your goals, your priorities, and your biggest challenges and frustrations to see if we’re a good fit. If we are, we can then discuss coaching options that are best suited to you..

    You are your greatest asset and this program is an investment in yourself to grow your #1 asset and in your future!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Take the first step and book a time to chat with us below!