Relationships & Life: It's Like A Journey On A Bus...

Life is like a bus, people come and go into our lives, at the right time, for the right amount of time to share the journey with us.

The Difference Between Emotional vs. Calm & Centered

The importance of being calm and centered to adapt to challenges in life. (4:29 mins.)

How We Can Naturally Help Others Regulate Their Emotions

Our emotions allow us to understand, connect, and communicate with others and ourselves. (2:36 mins.)

How To Be An External Emotional Regulator For Others

Recognizing your emotions and learning to manage them is one of the most important skills you can have. (1:48 mins.)

Emotions Are Distractions Preventing You From Reaching The Next Level

Distraction involves intentionally getting your mind off of the emotionally distressing situation to give yourself a break from those difficult feelings. (1:15 mins.)

The Limbic System & Emotional Regulation

The limbic system predominantly controls appropriate responses to stimuli with social, emotional, or motivational salience. (4:07 mins.)

Leveraging Our Environment To Live By Design

Living life by design means you're purposefully designing each element of your world, from family, business, and friends toward your definition of success.(7:34 mins.)

The Neurological Anatomy Of Emotions

Being aware of our emotions can help us talk about feelings more clearly, avoid or resolve conflicts better, and move past difficult feelings more easily. (4:07 mins.)

How Perceived Authorities Impact Our Behaviour & Success

How we perceive other people in our environment is also shaped by our values, emotions, feelings, and personality. (2:57 mins.)

How To Take Charge & Control Your Thinking, Actions, & Decisions

Our thoughts and feelings influence our behaviors, choices, and ultimately, outcomes. (0:36 secs.)

Why Master Our Emotions?

Managing emotional reactions means choosing how and when to express the emotions we feel. (1:27 mins.)

The Purpose Behind Mastering Our Emotions

Emotional awareness helps us know what we need and want or don't want. It helps us build better relationships. (3:46 mins.)

What Are Emotions?

Emotions help us to communicate with others, such as when we feel sad and need some help. They also can help us to act quickly in important situations. (1:23 mins.)

The Health Benefits Of Mastering Emotions

This help you to connect with your feelings, turn intention into action, and make informed decisions about what matters most to you. (0:35 secs.)

Emotions Are Feedbacks For Our Imbalanced Perceptions

Emotion determines how we perceive our world, organise our memory, and make important decisions. (2:33 mins.)

The Survival Role Of Emotions

Emotions can drive us to take actions we need for our survival. (1:28 mins.)

How To Help Others Regulate Their Emotions

Learning how to process emotions and respond with appropriate behaviour is essential to a person's well-being. (1:11 mins.)

What Happens When We Are Emotional

Emotions are powerful forces. They determine our outlook on life based on the events occurring around us. (2:40 mins.)

How Can We Relate The "Predator & Prey" In Our Emotional Reactions

Emotions can play an important role in how you think and behave. (4:06 mins.)

The Limbic System And Emotions

The limbic system is a collective term for brain structures that are involved in processing emotions. (4:06 mins.)

The Neurological Anatomy Of Emotions

Emotions motivate people to respond quickly to stimuli in the environment, which helps improve the chances of success and survival. (4:07 mins.)

Understanding The Wheel Of Life

Achieve a more balanced and empowered life. (4:07 mins.)

The Seven Areas Of Life

Understanding the seven areas of life. (0.44 secs.)

Focus On Your Habits To Achieve Your Goals

Harnessing the power of habits is a great way to pursue success. (1:24 mins.)

A Goal Without A Strategy Is A Fantasy

Setting goals that are specific and measurable can transform your habits, your mindset, your confidence, and your daily actions. (0:35 secs.)

The Influence Of Authority On Behaviour And Success

Pay attention to who do we put as an authority outside of us. (3:33 mins.)

Do Not Impose Your Values On Others

Your values will influence your decisions related to your relationships, career, and other activities you engage in. (1:27 mins.)

Why Our Emotions Stay In Our Body

Emotions can play an important role in how you think and behave. (3:44 mins.)

Committing To Your Vision

You have to commit to taking personal responsibility for creating the successful life and career you want and deserve. (1:33mins.)

Understanding The Path & Feedback Systems

Keep track and measure your advancement toward success. (2:46mins.)

Focus On The Activity Not The Results

Set goals based on the process instead of the outcome. (1:52 mins.)

The Price of Living By Design Is To Manage Our Most Precious Resources

Learn how to design your life, set and achieve realistic goals, manage distractions and build a healthy lifestyle. (1:35 mins.)

Outcomes Are A Lagging Measure Of Habits

Make sure that your time is spent wisely on habits that lead to success. (1:15 mins.)

Live By Design By Having Goals & Systems

Invest your time in developing your systems to stay on track and on target. (0.59 secs.)

The 3 Keys To Achievement

Continue to learn, grow and gain the confidence to go out into the world and succeed. (2:14 mins.)

Appreciate "The Power Of Moments" To Live By Design

Creating a common space for ideation and strategy and genuine moments of inspiration. (2:21 mins.)

Stay Focused & Productive By Setting Realistic Expectations

Discover how to tap into your best self by creating a plan that will help you achieve your goals and stay inspired. (2:50 mins.)

Value Exchange And Fair-Exchange

Value Exchange and Fair-Exchange are two important concepts in business that everyone should be familiar with. It's the key to long-term success. (2:22 mins.)

How To Create Defining Moments

Let's appreciate each moment, embrace new experiences, and grow to your full potential. (2:56 mins.)

How To Manage Obstacles To Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has faced obstacles in achieving their goals, some big, some small. It's not easy to stay on track when life gets in the way. (1:35 mins.)

The 3 Keys To Live By Design

Discover a brand new way to bring out your best self, and live the life you want. (1:23 mins.)

Aligning Conscious & Subconscious To Live By Design

You can find clarity around what you want, shift subconscious blocks, and create a plan for achieving your goals. (2:40 mins.)

Empowering All Areas Of Life To Live By Design

Change can be scary and overwhelming at times, so why not make some small changes, to begin with? (2:43 mins.)

How To Distribute Your Wealth In Various Areas

Your wealth is not just about how much money you make but about how you manage it. (2:55 mins.)

What Doesn't Work Is A Learning Opportunity

Life is about learning, so when things don't go your way, look at it as an opportunity to learn rather than as a failure. (00:39 secs.)

What Truly Matters Is The Journey

Today, it's not about finding your destination. It's about enjoying the journey along the way. (0.30 secs.)

Learn To Decode The Signs Of Life

Learn to decode the subtle signs of life that guide you to live your most authentic self (2:34 mins.)

Using The Environment To Grow & Succeed "The Stoic Way"

Knowing the difference your 'circle or concern' and your 'circle of influence' is crucial to master your life (4:22 mins.)

3 Things You Need To Build A New Habit

Here's a strategy guide how to build a new habit and make it stick. (2:33 mins.)

Don't Rely On Motivation To Create A New Habit

If you're waiting for that incredible sense of motivation to get started, it might never come. (1:11 min.)

3 Strategies To Make Your New Habit Stick

One of the strategies to make your new habit stick is to start with something very easy to do. (2:07 mins.)

One Thing You Need To Know To Build A Successful Habit

Maybe your habit is too difficult to do that's why you're procrastinating? I'll discuss more on that in this podcast. (1:29 min.)

Forget About Motivation, Focus On This Instead

Truth be told, motivation is very unpredictable and you can't really rely on it. What can you do then? (1:42 min.)

Why It’s Hard For You To Stick To New Habits

Creating and maintaining a habit is tricky but with the right strategy, you can be successful. (1:21 min.)

Make Your New Habits Stick

How do you make long-lasting habits? Here are 3 important key elements you must remember. (2:06 mins.)

What Makes A Habit Stick

You started a new habit but now, you're on the verge of giving up. (1:45 min.)

3 Things You Need To Do To Create A New Habit

Are you planning to form a new habit but don't know where to begin? Let me help you with that. (1:28 min.)

Self-awareness Is The Key To Change Your Financial Destiny

If you want to change your financial destiny, you must first understand yourself, your behaviour, and your habits. (00:59 secs.)

The Importance Of Understanding Your Natural Flow

One of the powerful tools to understand your natural flow is the "Human Design." What is it and how it works? Find out in this podcast. (1:54 min.)

How To Stabilise Your Cash Flow

How's your cash inflow and outflow? If it's still not improving after many attempts, try this tip. (1:20 min.)

A Simple Habit To Stabilise Cash Flow

This simple money habit is a GAME-CHANGER. Learn more about it in this podcast. (2:43 mins.)

How To Better Control Your Spending

Credit cards are helpful, until they "control" you spending behaviour and your cash flow goes out of hand. (1:46 min.)

How To Have Healthy Cash Flow

There are 2 important concepts you need to know when it comes to successfully managing your cash flow. (2:09 mins.)

Money Is About Energy And Flow

Effective and efficient money management is about managing your flow so you can better manage your cash flow. (1:33 min.)

How Will You Know That You’re Operating In Your Flow?

One of the key indicators that you're not operating in your flow is when it feels dragging and difficult to get things done. (3:18 mins.)

What Is A “Flow” And Why It Matters

Identifying your natural flow is crucial to get to where you want to be. More about the "flow" in this podcast. (2:19 mins.)

2 Questions You Need To Ask To Clarify Your Purpose

What is your purpose in life? It's a very personal question. I hope this podcast gives you some interesting and helpful input. (2:01 mins.)

Express Your Purpose In Different Ways

How can you be most effective and efficient in fulfiling your purpose? The answer is in this podcast. (1:36 min.)

Does Your Purpose Change?

Here's some thought-provoking concepts about purpose that you need to know. (2:24 mins.)

Your Purpose Is Your Compass In Life

We all go through phases in life... Knowing your purpose is crucial to help you avoid resistance and confusion along the way. (1:28 min.)

The Importance Of Aligning Your Work With Your Purpose

One of the reasons why you’re bored or disengaged with work is because your career and purpose are not aligned. Here’s some interesting insights. (1:47 min.)

Your Purpose Is Connected To How You Manage Money

While purpose and money may seem like two distinct areas, they are closely connected. (2:00 mins.)

The Common Misconception About Finding Your Purpose

Some people say finding your purpose is just a matter of traveling to places. Let's dig deeper into that in this podcast. (1:23 min.)

What Is Your Purpose?

One of the big questions for us all is "How do I find my purpose?" Let's explore that today in this podcast. (3:30 mins.)

Ask These Important Questions To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

Letting go of those limiting beliefs is not easy. But it can be done. Let's talk about how in this podcast. (3:30 mins.)

Can You Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs?

Your beliefs dictate how you see yourself, which in turn dictates what action you take. (2:43 mins.)

Creating Healthy Money Habits Is All About Our Core Values

Discovering your core values, what is most important and meaningful to you, is the foundation of a successful financial destiny. (01:18 min.)

Who Is Dr. Olivier Becherel From Mastery To Success?

Here’s a bit of a background about myself and how I decided to quit the academic field to establish the Mastery To Success. (1:20 min.)

Achieving Your Goals Is A Team Effort

One of the reasons why you fail to achieve your goals is because you’re doing it alone. (1:11 min.)

Why You Fail To Achieve Your Goals

Before committing to your new vision and goals, you need to hear this first. (00;48 secs.)

The Golden Rule Of Goal Setting - TEAMWORK

They say, teamwork makes the dream work. Let’s unpack that truth in this podcast. (01:52 min.)

The Goals You Set Should Align With Your Core Values

If you want to achieve your goals this year, it is crucial for you to identify your core values first and foremost. (04:34 mins.)

How Effective Are You At Aligning Your Goals And Behaviour?

We have so many goals in life, but often they aren't aligned. How do you break through? (00:50 secs.)

The Most Important Part Of Setting A Goal And Achieving A Goal

If you are seeking to find a way to achieve your goals and take your life to the next level, then you need to hear this. (00:44 secs.)

How To Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them

You want to accomplish something amazing. But how do you set the right goals and actually achieve them? You need a clear plan. (2:25 mins)

Are Your Thoughts Empowering You To Move Forward Toward Success?

Do you have a habit of undermining yourself? Your thoughts are very important in shaping your life. (3:04 mins.)

What Is A Limiting Belief And How Does It Affect You?

Limiting beliefs hold us back from progressing in life. They stop us from reaching our full potential. (1:39 min.)

Limiting Beliefs That Are Preventing You From Achieving Success

Identify and eliminate attitudes, beliefs and subconscious behaviours that are holding you back from achieving financial success. (3:56 mins.)

Transform Your Limiting Beliefs Into Empowering Thoughts

By consciously shifting your thoughts, you can make better decisions, build your wealth, and create an amazing future for yourself! (1:19 min.)

You Can Create New Empowering Beliefs!

Let go of limiting beliefs and rewire your brain for success by creating new empowering beliefs. (1:29 min.)

Develop Self-Awareness to Decode The Signs of Life

The key to maximise your life's experience is your level of self-awareness. It is the first step to break through challenges and plateaus both in your personal and professional life. (2:34 mins.)

Do Not Impose Your Values On Others

Sometimes, we will only bring more harm than good if we keep on projecting what we think is "right" to other people. (1:27 min.)

Committing to Your Vision

You have a vision, right? Now, is it a true vision or a fantasy... Make sure you are aware of the difference if you don't want to be disappointed. (1:34 min.)

Focus on The Activity Not The Result

Goals are important, but it's not what makes the difference! Instead, focus on this. (1:52 min.)

Understanding The Path & Feedback Systems

We are all on a unique path, our path of purpose... Life gives us signs to help us stay on track. (2:47 mins.)

Why Our Emotions Stay In Our Body

Did You Know? Emotions stay in our body for a reason... Listen to this and find out why. (3:45 mins)

What Can Create Job Burnout?

Sometimes, people burnout in their job for a simple reason... Learn from this case study to potentially avoid job burnout! (3:25 mins.)

How To Operate At Your Peak Performance

The key to peak performance levels in life is alignment. You need to ensure that whatever you do is aligned with your values and your purpose. (2:25 mins.)

Own Your Unique Talents And Gifts

How do you own your unique set of skills, gifts, and talents? Here's a powerful perspective shift that will transform you. (4:54 mins.)

Do You Know Your Purpose In Life?

Stop looking outside of yourself to know your purpose in life, it's already WITHIN you and your life demonstrates it. (3:13 mins.)

Develop Effective Personal Leadership

If you want to achieve more with less and experience more quality work and quality time, practice personal leadership. (4:26 mins.)

Why You Need A Life Coach To Achieve Success

Still not sure whether to get a life coach to help you break through to the next level? Let me clarify things for you. (1:21 min.)

Values Conflicts Can Sabotage Your Results

What happens if there's a clash between your values and your business? You're going to end up wasting your precious time, energy, and effort. (3:29 mins.)

A Quick Way To Determine Your True Values

You've been seeing and hearing me teach the importance of defining your values, but in here I'll give you a powerful exercise on HOW TO DISCOVER THEM. (1:28 min.)

Don't Try To Be Someone Else

To those who are envying other people, look within. You have something unique to contribute, a unique competitive advantage. (1:14 min.)

Keys To Master Your Mindset For Success

In here, we shared a glimpse of what we've been teaching that equipped them to thrive in their life and career. (9:02 mins.)

Are You In The Right Rhythm Of Life?

Is it really possible to enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful career? (3:42 mins.)

The Power Of Writing Down Your Goals

If you want to achieve your goals, write them down instead of just keeping it in your mind. (3:08 mins.)

Importance Of Personal Leadership In The 21st Century

It's important to establish personal ledership because it will help you have a clear sense of direction. (3:41 mins.)

What Is Personal Leadership?

Life is too short to struggle and grind, develop personal leadership so you can create the life and career you are truly capable of. (1:21 min.)

Are You On The Right Path Or The Wrong Path?

Do you feel like you're walking on the wrong path? (2:08 mins.)

Unaccomplished Goals? Readjust It

Unaccomplished goals doesn't mean you're a failure. It only means you need to revisit them and refine your strategy. (0:54 secs.)

This Is The Right Way To Create Your To-Do List

The reason why you're overwhelmed with your to-do list is because you're doing it the wrong way. (2:23 mins.)

How Identifying Your Values Can Change Your Life

Are you experiencing internal conflicts but don't know where it's coming from? (1:37 min.)

Why Developing Personal Leadership Matters

You can achieve more quality work with quality time if you practice personal leadership. (3:10 mins.)

The 5 Steps To Develop Personal Leadership

Don't let time and chance determine what your future will be. Instead, lead yourself. (2:10 mins.)

Strengthen Your Resilience Amid Tough Times

How do you manage your mental, emotional and physical well-being in this fast-changing society? (3:56 mins.)

The Truth About Personal Leadership

Do you want to be your most authentic self? Develop #personalleadership. (0:45 secs.)

The Quickest Way To Uncover Your Values

Who doesn't like shortcuts? Here is one to get clear on your values! (2:55 mins.)

2 Steps To Dissolve Your Emotional Baggage

Not moving forward the way you wish you could... Here is the important question you need to ask yourself! (0:56 secs.)

Do You See Your Values Connected Or In Conflict?

If what you do is not aligned with your values, you will experience resistence, frustration and feel conficted on the inside. (1:48 min.)

Have A Vision And Embrace Uncertainty Of The Path

If you are currently questioning your vision and your path forward... Listen to this! (2:09 mins.)

Know Yourself So You Can Be Yourself

Knowing yourself by determining your core values will bring clarity to your path and purpose in life. (1:48 min.)

Why Clarity Of Vision And Tracking Progress Are Crucial For Success?

This is why having a clear vision and tracking your progress will bring more success to your life. (0:43 secs.)

Certainty Of The Path Forward

Want to make the most out of your life and career? (1:06 min.)

Why Knowing Your True Values Is Difficult

This is what stops people from finding their true values... But there is way! (1:07 min.)

Operating In Your Flow

Want more flow and ease in your life? Start with this... (1:34 min.)

The Truth About Procrastination

Lot of people don't understand procrastination. Watch this to find out what procrastination really is! (0:36 secs.)

Treat Your Emotions As A Feedback

In this podcast, I’m going to explain why your emotions are a feedback and how you can manage them to level up your life, career and business. (1:06 min.)

You Have Seeds Of Talent In You

Everyone has a unique seed of talent in them. Your life's journey is to see it, appreciate it, and nurture it because everyone is born great. (1:58 min.)

What Creates Win-Win Situations In Life

To develop personal leadership and create more success, fulfilment and make a difference, you need to have clarity about who you are and how you function. (2:26 mins.)

We Help You Break Through To The Next Level

We created Mastery To Success because we love helping people unlock their full potential and make a meaningful contribution with their unique gifts and talents. (1:42 min.)

Your Contribution To The World Is Unique

If you’re feeling worthless and hopeless today, may this podcast shed light to you. (2:16 mins.)

What Being Confident Really Means...

Confidence is not just about feeling that you can succeed at something. It’s about developing self-worth and handling change. (4:27 mins.)

Why Self-Awareness Is Your Greatest Asset

Becoming self aware or understanding oneself is the key to lasting change within and finding fulfilment. (0:51 sec.)

Top 3 Talents To Thrive In "The Future Of Work"

If you think that academic qualifications is the only requirement in finding employment, think again. (2:45 mins.)

This Is What Catalyses New Breakthroughs

How do you look at your challenges? (1:21 mins.)

2 Keys To Establish Your Sense Of Self

Building a strong sense of self is about… (4:27 mins.)

5 Keys To Accelerate Personal Leadership

There are 5 elements in order to accelerate your personal leadership. (3:05 mins.)

The Only 3 Things You Can Control In Life

There are external things that you don’t necessarily have power over. (3:29 mins.)

Growth: Create Your Future & Clear Your Past Baggage

There are 2 things that impact your personal growth: the FUTURE and the PAST. (1:03 mins.)

The #1 Thinking Error That Holds People Back

How do you navigate uncertainty in this fast-changing world? (3:56 mins.)

The #1 Reason Your Strategy Isn't Working

Ever wondered why you’re still stuck and frustrated after following some business’ gurus formula for success? (3:39 mins.)

2 Skills You Must Master In A Fast-Changing World

With all the uncertainty that is happening in the world, resilience and emotional intelligence are 2 skills you need to develop in order to adapt. (7:34 mins.)

Stop Worrying On What Is Lacking In You

If you need encouragement today, this podcast is for you. (0:22 sec.)

We Help You Find More Success & Fulfilment

If you want a proven framework to reach success, our program is based on human behaviour and neuroscience research that can help you live the life you have been dreaming of. (2:00 mins.)

The Reason Why Identifying Your Values Is So Important

Find out why identifying your VALUES are vital to your business and career success. (3:29 mins.)

How To Break Through Career Development Challenges

What do you do when you encounter roadblocks on your path? Do you easily beat yourself up and give up? Do you distract yourself and procrastinate? (3:56 mins.)

3 Things That Hold You Back From More Success

Still figuring out why you can’t find success in your life and business? Here’s the answer you’re looking for. (5:10 mins.)

Focus On Your Strengths

Too often, you try to improve or fix your weaknesses, but have you considered taking the time to look at what you’re good at and develop that? (1:19 mins.)

Own Your Greatness And Stop Comparing

Stop comparing yourself to others, you are sabotaging your self-worth (3:42 mins.)

The Success Blueprint

Discover the 3 elements necessary to create your own Success Blueprint (3:03 mins.)

How To Tap Into Your Flow

Want to tap in your flow? Listen to this... (0:27 secs.)

3 Keys To Create An Unfair Advantage

Find out how to create an unfair advantage in your life, business, and career (2:21 mins.)